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About Lawrence County

In the year 1803 a patent was issued to Luke Kelly for Sec. 9 and 14 in township 1 north of the Ohio River base containing 662.25 acres. This patent was issued by the United States Government and signed by Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States and James Madison, Sec. of War. This was the method of purchasing public lands by an Act of Congress in 1800. The lands hereabouts were under the North West Territory. He paid $1324.50 averaging $2.00 an acre which he paid in six installments and completed his payments before maturity of his final one fourth. He saved an eight per cent per annum allowed for prompt payments.

Lawrence County, Ohio borders the Ohio River at the Southernmost part of the state. Six architecturally interesting bridges span the Ohio River, connecting Lawrence County with various locations in both Kentucky and West Virginia. Because of these bridges, metropolitan Ashland, KY and Huntington, WV are just minutes away from virtually anywhere in the county.

Our major highways are US Route 52, State Route 7, 243, 775, & 93. The Interstate 64 connection is located in Burlington, just off the 17th Street Bridge. This exit is close proximity to Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Bob Evans, Lowe’s, Country Hearth Inn South Point, Holiday Inn and Suites in Ironton, Ohio and the Comfort Suites in Burlington, Ohio.

Lawrence County Ohio was organized December 20, 1816, the first Court of Common Pleas was organized March 4, 1817. In 2016, Lawrence County celebrated its Bicentennial click here to view photos of the Grand Finale event.

The first election was held April 7, 1817, with Joseph Davidson, Joel Bowen, and David Spurlock elected county commissioners. Their first meeting was held Monday afternoon, April 21, 1817, at the home of Joseph Davidson in Burlington.
Lawrence County, Ohio was named after Capt. James Lawrence, a native of Burlington, NJ and a gallant naval officer who, during the War of 1812, commanded the USS Chesapeake and is known for saying, “Don’t give up the ship!”

Lawrence County was home to 23 blast furnaces and was once the world leader in pig iron production.

The county seat is Ironton, where you will find our government offices, restaurants, museum, library, splash park, civic organizations, and is home of the famous Ironton – Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade.

About This Site

We know there are A LOT of history and genealogy sites out there…it can get overwhelming. And who has time to dig through page after page of names, numbers, dates, trees, and then sign-up and get spammed…no way! We will NEVER ask for your information (no subscriptions or memberships and you never pay a dime!).

Our goal is to provide an EASY TO USE layout to quickly find what you’re looking for, as well as a relaxed, responsive theme so you can leisurely browse through the site. And we know how easy it is to “fall down the rabbit hole” of research, so each page has a little trail of breadcrumbs off to the right, to show you how you got to where you are (and how to get back!).

This web site was cruelly deleted without warning right before Christmas 2017, so I’m using a back-up copy to get things back up and running. You may notice some odd links to the “Wayback Machine” here and there. It’s a neat Internet Archives site that has served its purpose here, and may help you find things as well, both on this site and others. I humbly ask for your patience as I get everything shiny and new again. Want to know more about me? Okay…click here.

And lastly, this site serves as a segue between the old stories, photos, incidents, locations and relics of our glorious past. It’s a “digital time capsule” that can be accessed at any time, by any one, anywhere. You may consider digging out those old chests, un-taping the old boxes in the attic, and opening up those dusty family Bibles or scrapbooks….add your family heirlooms here, where they will be preserved for generations to come. 

About Site Moderator

Nicole Cox is the owner of, a trustee for the Lawrence County Museum & Historical Society, publicity chair and former newsletter editor for the Lawrence County Genealogical Society, a member of Ironton aLive, and owner of the historic Mt. Olive Iron Furnace.

In addition to being a history geek, a homeschooling mother of 4 daughters, wife to my handsome firefighter, and all of us are gradually building a sustainable homestead out in the boondocks of Decatur Township. I’m a First Responder with my husband’s fire department, a volunteer with the local chapter of the American Red Cross, and a member of the Lawrence County Community Emergency Response Team.

My first love is Jesus and I’m a member of the Arabia
Missionary Baptist Church.

I’m also passionate about our local history – it’s fun, informative and simply fascinating. Here are a few newspaper articles I’ve written to highlight our heritage.

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