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1st National Bank

Allied Chemical

Allyn’s Jewelry
Anderson's Pizza
Andis General Store

Alpha Portland Cement Co.

Ball Warfield Druggist/Drug Co

Beardsley’s Dry Goods and Grocery

Belfont Iron Works

Bell & Brammer
Bob Linn Sporting Goods
Belville Mining Company

Brumberg’s Clothing Store

Butterfly Beauty Shop

Carlyle Tile & Brick Company

Center Mining & Manufacturing Company

Collins Mining Company

Crystal Ice Company

Camden Company


Carman Funeral Home – Russell KY

Central Hardware

Chesapeake Chevrolet

Clark & Small

Cold Wave 

Dayton Malleable Iron Company

Dow Chemical

D. H. Clark Grocery

Detroit Toledo & Ironton Railroad (DT&I)

Daniel and Lohrman’s Bakery

D. C. Davies Dry Goods

Dayton Malleable Iron Company Plant

Deaconess Hospital

De Haven Ice Cream Plant

Dried Apple Factory

Ebert Brewery Co.

Eicher Grocery

Edelson’s Clothing Co.

Ellis Dry Goods – Ironton’s Landmark series

Etna Iron Works

Excelsior Shoe Company

Fearon Lumber Co.

Filgrove Brothers Pan Factory

Fire Station – Ironton’s Landmark series

Foster Stove Company

German Drug Store

Goldcamp Flour Mill

Gray’s Sanitarium

Gildea Meat Market

Hayward Block

Henrite’s Products Corp.


Iron Bank

Iron City Savings Bank

Ironton Iron Company – the original

Ironton Malleable Iron Co. (Dayton Malleable)

Irontonian Newspaper

Ironton City Directory for 1882 – 1883

Ironton Door Factory

Ironton Engine Company

Ironton Fence Works

Ironton Fire Brick Company

Ironton’s First Brick Street

Ironton House

Ironton Milk Company

Ironton Newspapers Merge – Broken Link

Ironton Pottery

Ironton Portland Cement Plant – see Alpha Portland Cement Co. above

Iron Railroad/Railway

Ironton Register – Document Establishing newspaper

Ironton Rolling Mill

Ironton-Russell Motor Company

Ironton Stove & Range Company

Ironton Ohio Whiskey Shop

Ironton Wood Mantle Company

Jenkins Garage

Kelly Nail & Iron Company / W.D. Kelly & Sons

W.H. Johnson Dry Goods Broken link

C. F. Johnston Company closing doors

Kelly Nail Works

Ketter Buggy Company

Kilgore and Collier

Lawrence Co Gas & Oil

Lawco Lake

Leader Store see Henrites above

Lewis Store

Literary Society Ironton Ohio

Marlow Theater

Marting Iron & Steel

Marquette Cement Plant

McCauley Furniture

McCormick Clothing

McKnight Grocery – Broken link

Miller’s Store

National Youth Association – Ironton’s Landmark series

Newman & Spanner Saw Mill

J. Oakes & Sons

Ohio Iron and Coal Company

Ohio Power Company – Ironton’s Landmark series

Olive Foundry – Ironton’s Landmark series

Olive Hotel

Olive Street Wagon Works

Palace Hotel

Penn Lumber Co.

People’s Store

W. S. Ranson Grocery Co.

S.B. Steece Dry Goods

Sheridan Coal Works

Stefanski & Shepard’s Cigar-Box Factory

Societies, Unions, etc.

Semet-Solvay Plant, see Allied Chemical above

Sunshine Bakery To Move Into New Home

Tombstone Business well known tombstone man dies

Ward Lumber Company

Whitwell Grocery & General Store

Yellow Poplar Lumber

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