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Belfont Iron Works

Originally the Star Nail Mill

Belfont Iron Works2.jpg

Was located at N. 2nd Street between Vesuvius and Hecla Streets, where the Ironton City Maintenance is now

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  In 1863, Frederick Norton bought the Star Nail Mill at Ironton with Col. E. M. Norton, Capt. George W. Norton, and twelve others. They changed the name of the business to Belfonte Iron Works. Frederick became the manager of the mill and moved to Ironton.
            Frederick, also, bought the “Means Farm” at Hanging Rock. He lived there for two years. At that time, he resigned his position at the mill and moved to Wheeling, West Virginia.
            In 1867, Norton returned to Ironton to build and manage the Belfonte Furnace. He remained the manager of the furnace until 1872.
            It was in 1872 that Frederick became the President of Belfont Iron Works Co. He remained at this job until 1885 when he retired. (Source)

The Nortons built he famous "Tower House" on 4th Street in Ironton. 

The Belfont Mill, formerly named Belfont Iron Works, was located next to the Olive Foundry.  It was built in 1868 and produced 72,000 tons of iron per year. 

Belfont Iron Works president, Capt. George W. Norton, was killed on steamer “Harry Dean”
when boilers exploded. (Ironton Journal, January 8,1868).

The Belfont Iron Works, Co., of Ironton, OH changed its name to the Belfont Steel and Wire Co. on January 1, 1924.

The American Rolling Mill Co (ARMCO) [later AK Steel] has purchased for $76,000 at a United States Marshal’s  sale the properties of the Belfont Steel & Wire Co. at Ironton, OH ARMCO will operate the nail mill department after completing a $100,000 improvement program.

The properties include a nail mill, two blast furnaces, two river loading docks and 640 acres of land.
Source: Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, January 20, 1934)

The buildings of the old Belfont Steel & Wire were destroyed by fire in April 1949
(Remembrances, Lawrence Co. Historical Society)

Belfont Iron Works built the Belfont Furnace, located across town. 

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