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Crystal Ice Company


7th & Railroad, Ironton, Ohio


The Crystal Ice Company was located on the corner of Seventh and Railroad Streets. The earliest listing for the company can be found in the 1893-1894 Ironton Directory. At that time the business was called Crystal Ice Factory and Joshua F. Austin was the president. By 1904, the address for the company was listed as 217 Railroad Street. James Hudson was the president, J.D. Foster was the Vice President, and W. J. Doran was the secretary. James Hudson was also a county commissioner and a vice president of the Gas Company.
In an ad in the 1910-1911 Ironton Directory, the Crystal Ice Company manufactured and delivered “Pure Ice in Summer” and “Good Coal in Winter.” By 1916, the company was limiting its products to “pure ice” and W. J. Doran was the manager. Over the years, the company had many presidents including J. D. Foster, Edmind S. Culbertson, Howard E. Unrue, and Thomas L. Hudson. The address for the ice company has also been changed. In 1958, it was 701 Railroad Street and in 1963, the address was listed as 215 North Seventh Street.

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