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Lawrence County, Ohio

Buckhorn furnace was owned by William Naylor McGugin. This individual was the president of the McGugin Coal and Iron Company. Apparently, Mr. McGugin also operated the Olive Furnace.

The furnace was operated from 1840-1843 (2 years) by John Peters, Sr., along with J. O. Willard. Apparently, they leased Buckhorn Furnace from McGugin. John Peters, Sr., was the manager According to an entry in the Ironton Register, July 13, 1899 - The Buckhorn Furnace, the property of McGugin & Co., Olive Furnace Post Office, Ohio, will probably be started in the near future. It is some time since the stack was operated. It is 38x10 and has a capacity of 8,000 tons annually. The Olive Furnace of the same firm is in operation and will run regularly. American Manufacturer.

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